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Created28.07.2019 22:42

Aurelien Schmitt (aurel68720) 28.07.2019 22:42
Hello, sorry for my bad english.
I have recently seen that on some maps they have managed to enlarge the number of areas to paint in the farmland.
Can you tell me how this is possible?
thank you

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.07.2019 23:40
map.i3d (in text version):
<InfoLayer name="farmland" fileId=".." numChannels="6"/>
With 6 channels you can have 63 farmlands.
It follows the rule: maxFarmlands = 2 ^ numChannels - 1

This numChannels must match the farmlands.xml numChannels.

Aurelien Schmitt (aurel68720) 29.07.2019 07:33
ok thank you I'll try that I can

Aurelien Schmitt (aurel68720) 29.07.2019 18:22

it worked thank you very much

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