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Can't load animal husbandry XML file

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Created01.08.2019 13:48

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 01.08.2019 13:48
Good Morning to everyone,

I'm trying to modify the default cows in a placeable stable.
I extracted all the files from DataS and DataS2, I edited the cow model and texture but when I assign the new AnimalHusbandry.xml (which is identical of the default one, except from the path of the 3D models), I constantly get this error.

2019-08-01 13:42 Error: Failed to open xml file 'edit_dataS/character/cowAnimalHusbandry.xml'.
2019-08-01 13:42 Error: Can't load animal husbandry XML file 'edit_dataS/character/cowAnimalHusbandry.xml'.

I suppose the game doesn't permit to assign different files from the default ones from $DataS and $DataS2. Any suggestion?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.08.2019 15:54
Perhaps it works if you copy the husbandry.xml into your modmap folder 'placeables' and assign filename="$mapdir$/placeables/*".
Or you use filename="husbandry.xml" and try a copy in different locations relative to calling xml.

Anyway it's somehow 'illegal' what you're doing. Do you remember what you have agreed by accepting the EULA? Any kind of re-engineering is forbidden.

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