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Created10.08.2019 03:09

Way2drunk2walk (way2drunk2walk2) 10.08.2019 03:09
Hello to all,

I have submitted a mod to modhub and it failed(for several reasons). I have fixed everything but the one I don't fully understand is "Decals need alphaBlending". I tried to google it but am coming up with a lot of different results. If anyone could explain to me how to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 10.08.2019 08:45
You need to activate the AlphaBlending on the decals mesh. You can find it in Material Editing tab:

Way2drunk2walk (way2drunk2walk2) 10.08.2019 15:38
Thank you very much. Not sure why but I was thinking it was way more complicated than that. Learn something new everyday. Have a nice day

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