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Created13.08.2019 04:47

James Hom (jge2013) 13.08.2019 04:47
Wondering what different kinds of implements/equipment can use fill or fruit type converters?
I have a silage corn that converts to chaff with forage harvester but I would also like to combine it and convert it to the default corn (maize).
I also have alfalfa that gets mowed to alfalfa_windrow but would like to convert it to grass bales with baler.
As far as I know that only forage harvester, mower and tedder are able to do converting?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.08.2019 06:10
Easy to find with Notepad++
Search in data/vehicles with filter "*.xml" for "converter".
You should get 19 hits/files.

James Hom (jge2013) 13.08.2019 06:39
I did not know how to do the search method you suggested.
Took me a bit but I figured it out and came up with 19 like you mentioned.
It looks like the only converters are with forage harvester, mower or tedder.
So I guess my plans won't work.
Thanks for the help!

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