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Created16.08.2019 15:12

F Thomas (theGerman) 16.08.2019 15:12
Has the LS 19 changed anything about the properties of the Traffic Spline?
On my 16-fold map, I have many splines, even laid long splines. This I already had on the same map in LS 17. There I have normal traffic on these splines.
Now in the LS 19, I only have 4, the 11 splines traffic.
I've tried a lot, but nothing changes in the behavior of the game engine.
Noticeable that the longer splines do not produce traffic.
As if the length of splines was limited, or the number of spline points.
Can anyone confirm this observation, or is it true that the LS 19 introduced a limit?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.08.2019 17:38
I don't know about a limit.
Anyway, the splines must be closed now, editor shortcut O : toggle spline open/close.

F Thomas (theGerman) 17.08.2019 15:47
I did it without success.
If there was a pattern, why the engine generates traffic on 4 out of 11 splines, and not on the other, but no, it does not show.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.08.2019 19:22
Perhaps start vs. end are too far away for closing the spline.
Where in earlier FS versions it was possible to have a single spline eg. from map bottom-left to top-right, you must now have a closed loop.

F Thomas (theGerman) 18.08.2019 10:38
Yes, this is probably the cause. If I have time, I will post shorter splines. From intersection to intersection.

F Thomas (theGerman) 05.09.2019 10:48
Said, done, and successfully.
Shorter splines, from intersection to intersection, there must be no death end.

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