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Trying to convert these mods from FS17 to FS19

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Created20.08.2019 05:34

Wayne Stumbo (Watain89) 20.08.2019 05:34
Hey guys new member here. I'm trying to convert these from 17 to 19. I got the rake close, but it crashes the game every time I try to purchase it.

Heres the mods I'm trying to convert. Thanks.

New Holland ProCart 1225 FS17:

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 20.08.2019 10:35
Hey, did you check the log?

Wayne Stumbo (Watain89) 20.08.2019 15:52
I tried reloading and checked the log it says: dataS/Scripts/vehicles/specializations/Windrower .lua(255): attempt to index local 'effect' (a number value) and Error: Running LUA method 'update'

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