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Created21.08.2019 02:53

Kendall Demott (HC1Gunner) 21.08.2019 02:53
This was an easy fix in 17, but can anyone please explain where and how sounds levels are added or edited in-cab verses outside the vehicle?
I have a Fendt tractor I like, but I swear its louder inside the cab that outside. Today's tractor's have excellent sound proofing, I can't even hear myself think, or the radio when I drive from inside the cab.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.08.2019 03:18
In general the sounds use now "sound templates" from data/sounds/soundTemplates.xml. That makes it easier to adapt the sound properties. Instead changing every vehicle.xml on several places you now need only change one file.

Of course it's still possible to use in vehicle.xml individual sound files and settings, but preferable is using the templates.

Kendall Demott (HC1Gunner) 23.08.2019 00:56
So if the author of a mod has no soundTemplates xml in his mod, are you saying it reverts to the game's default directory for its sounds in or around the vehicle?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.08.2019 01:58
*sigh* You didn't get it?
- EITHER you use a sound from the default "soundTemplates.xml" - you can't have an other template file.
- OR you use an individual sound file defined by file="path/this_sound.ogg"

Kendall Demott (HC1Gunner) 24.08.2019 04:41
I do get it, but you I guess don't get it, when I use most vehicles (tractors) its loud outside of the vehicle (3rd person), but when I enter the cab its quiet. The author of this mod has "no" sound files, or template in his mod. So I assume this means his mod is using the games default sound template, if so, then why is the interior of the cab so noisy? Something here is not adding up.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.08.2019 08:25
I don't know this mod, so I can't say anything about it.
Fact is, the sounds are loaded by the spec 'Motorized' in function 'loadSounds()' - see Documentation LUADOC.
Loaded are from the vehicle.xml the sounds in section <motorized> --> <sounds>.
If these entries are missing, no sample is loaded and no sound is generated.

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