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Created21.08.2019 02:58

Steve Tenney (Unknown) 21.08.2019 02:58
I have edited my map but not getting the steps right to make it work, I export it with all files, then I goto the desktop and right click to zip it , what am I missing here ? Thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.08.2019 03:25
When exporting with files use whenever possible default game datas - that spares lots of place. Only files not included in game have to be exported.
Don't use the option "get parent directory" (if available).
When zipping you must go into the map's root folder where the modDesc.xml is located - don't zip the map folder itself! Afterwards you might have to move the zip file.

You need to zip files only for multiplay or if you want to distribute your mod.
If you have your mod unzipped on a quick drive like SSD, it is loaded faster because the decompressing takes more time.
Be careful not to have a mod twice in mod folder: normal and zip - the zip is preferred.

Tad Dexter (Unknown) 21.08.2019 16:35
I used the map from us and made modifications. Now I want to use it, and have followed all the instructions to export and install into the game. It hasn't worked yet but my sdk doesn't have a zip file, just a maps folder with a bunch of data in different folders. My understanding is to export my mod into this folder and copy it to mod folder. I'm not sure which folder so I put it in the us map folder. What am I missing or doing wrong?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.08.2019 19:15
Exporting alone isn't enough to get a ready-to-play map. There are many auxiliary files (mostly xml) which the game needs.
For beginners it's the easiest way to use "new mod from game". That generates all necessary files, merely the modDesc.xml needs some completion.

Tad Dexter (Unknown) 22.08.2019 00:51
OK thanks

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