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Created21.08.2019 22:50

Timo Weidner (Unknown) 21.08.2019 22:50
I converted the Case AxialFlow from the game as a mod because I want to have a bigger tank. But after I copied all the textures and shaders from the game files into my mod folder, my Case has black textures ingame. Can someone help me?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.08.2019 23:26
If you have copied only, the file pathes in i3d are wrong.
Use "new mod from game" to get a proper setup. There you accept "game default paths" and deny "use parent directory".

Timo Weidner (Unknown) 22.08.2019 08:12
Ok, I try it later. Thanks for the help!

Timo Weidner (Unknown) 22.08.2019 10:25
OK, i tried, but where is the accept button "game default paths" and "use parent directory". I clicked on "New mod from game" ----> AxialFlow.... -----> Ok
Do you mean something else?
So in my zip folder of the mod are every textures, that the Axial needs. And i edited all paths in the .i3d to my folder.

I´m using GIANTS editor V 8.1.0.

(Sorry for bad english, i come from germany :D)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.08.2019 17:39
The mentioned requester don't appear always, mainly on exporting and depends on used files as well as location of game and mod folder.

If you did "new mod from game" you don't need editing the paths. In general the paths are related to the game install folder with filename="$data/..".

If there are 'black' textures, there's something wrong and you'll find probably error messages in game resp. editor log. Use these to fix the errors.

Timo Weidner (Unknown) 22.08.2019 19:21
Mhh OK, thanks for the help!

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