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Created22.08.2019 14:31

Jim Degen (deek5040) 22.08.2019 14:31
I am trying to get into modding and thought I would try and fix a mod I use in the game to learn. The mod is a wheelloader and the problem is that when it attaches to a bucket it is not attaching in the correct position it is to low. I can not figure out how to raise the attachment point. does anyone have advice on where to start looking or maybe point to some good videos or documents on modding that could help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.08.2019 17:53
For general introduction use the GDN "Video Tutorials" and read the tutorials from GDN "Downloads" section.

Misplaced attachers can be edited in the GE by moving the attacher node/transform. In most cases the label of TG indicates the function, else you must look in the vehicle.xml under <attacher...>.
But at first you must find out which attacher is wrong: the one from tool or the one from carrier.

Jim Degen (deek5040) 02.09.2019 14:37
Thank you I finally figured it out

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