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adding more traffic to a map

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Created25.08.2019 17:08

Richard Fanaro (Unknown) 25.08.2019 17:08
hey guys trying to do something but cant figure it out . I am on a map that I want to add more ai traffic to the traffic is scarce and very few . Now i know that there is a way to do this but in the trafficsystem.xml file but not sure if i an to just copy and past more of the ai that is in this or is there more to it , could use some insite on if i am right or not . trying my hand on modding and learning the basics with all ready mad mods . any help would be appreciated thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.08.2019 20:04
The traffic density on a single spline is calculated by the game engine and depends on scaling of performance class.
That means more cars in the "trafficSystem.xml" don't generate more traffic, only more variety.
More traffic you can only get by more splines or enhancing the performance class.

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