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Maya skinning, problems in GE

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Created25.08.2019 17:24

Jens Ejvinsson (Unknown) 25.08.2019 17:24
Anyone good at Maya?

I am kinda stuck, trying to make a hose that can deform when the ends move.
Example: The hoses to the hydraulic cylinders at the rear of the in-game Trailed Lifter. They bend nicely using only two visible "joints" in GE.

In Maya I create a joint chain and skin bind to the hose. This works fine, but in order for it to bend nicely many joints need to move. Not as it's intended I am sure.
In Maya I can also create a joint chain with IK handle and skin bind that to the hose. This works fine in Maya, the IK handle bends the hose nicely, but in GE it does not work at all. The IK handle does nothing.
I am thinking maybe I need to mess with Merge Groups in the exporter, but I've tried many different ways and can't get the IK handle to work.

PS: I am also a bit lost on how models that have working skinning does not seem to show all joints in GE.

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 26.08.2019 09:22
You just need two joints, one at the start of the hose and one at the end.
Next, you bind them with the hose (don't forget to clear the history and freeze the transformation before bind) and, after that, assign a decreasing weight to the vertices from the end to the start with the 'Paint Skin Weight Tool'.
If you have any doubts I could make a short video to show you the process.

Jens Ejvinsson (Unknown) 26.08.2019 17:59
Thanks for you answer and for offering to show me in a video.

Regarding normal skinning with just two independent joints is not a problem. I have that working, some fine tuning with the weights and it seems to work quite nicely. The trick is to have a nice smooth transition of the weights from one end to the other.

But if you look at the in-game Trailed Lifter for example, the hoses that are in the back at the 3-point lift going to the lifting hydraulics... they have merged four hoses into one mesh, and have two joints for that. One close to each end, but not all the way out. Somehow they manage the hoses to stick to the connections at the hydraulic cylinder mesh even though they have merged four hoses and the joints are not placed at the ends.

Have a look at it and tell me what you think. If I create for separate hoses I can accomplish the same, but if I merge them I can't get the ends to stick to the hydraulic cylinder connections.

Jens Ejvinsson (Unknown) 26.08.2019 20:47
Maybe I have it... I don't have time for more testing now for a couple of days. But I think my weights were a bit off. I think (can't verify now) that I did not have 100% weight on the end with the joint. This led to the hose deforming differently than the movement of the joint.

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 26.08.2019 21:00
I looked at the trailer lifter, as a single hose, there is a joint at the end (joint_body, 0>3) and one at the top of the four hoses (joint_hydraulics, 0>0|3|0|2).
The top joint is in the same transform group of the joint that moves the hydraulic, in this way the 4 hoses stay stick to the connections.

You could achieve the same result with 4 separate hoses with the end joints on the connections.

Of course, the weight must be smooth and "correct" with the movement the hose have to do.

Jens Ejvinsson (Unknown) 27.08.2019 11:48
Yes, first I did it with 4 single hoses and it worked like a charm. Then I got curious and just had to optimize it, ie i combined the 4 hoses into 1 mesh. It didn't work, but it turned out that when I skinned the combined mesh the weights did not come out as nice as with a single hose. So after som manual weight tuning I have it working.

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