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Created27.08.2019 21:51

Donnie Barlow (K9DLB) 27.08.2019 21:51
I've been playing 19 for a week now and For some reason when I do the money mod And save the game when I'm done and go back
To it later it will not load the saved game. It will load To the point where the start button pops up but it will not load it just keeps showing the Maps loading picture. What's up with that? This is on a Windows PC by the way.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.08.2019 22:58
At the very first look into game log: {USER}\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator...\log.txt
Most probably you'll find there the reason if something is going wrong.

And what about "the money mod"? Which one? Is it FS19 compatible?

Donnie Barlow (K9DLB) 27.08.2019 23:25
Looking into it now. Not 100% sure what i'm looking for. To answer you question about what mod. I've tried it 2 different ways one was by editing the save game file the other way ia using FS19_Money Tool

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.08.2019 23:48
In the log file look for "ERROR".

Concerning this mod, I've read about problems. Perhaps it isn't compatible (anymore).

You may change the money in the savegame files: you must change TWO values, one in "careerSavegame.xml" <statistics> / <money>.. , the other in "farms.xml" <farms> / <farm ... money=

Or use the console command "gsCheatMoney". To enable console, see
The game must be started with additional parameter "-cheats".

Donnie Barlow (K9DLB) 28.08.2019 00:08
Thank You for the help and suggestions I may just get rid of the the Money Mod and just edit the file might be less of a headache lol

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