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Can't use tipper.

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Created02.09.2019 00:24

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 02.09.2019 00:24
Hello, I'm about to convert a tipper to fs19 everything looks fine, i attached it but I can't pull it, because the wheels don't spin, only hardly a little bit and the tipper is kind of bouncing when I try to pull it.
No errors in log, except one that says: I3D file offers '4' objects, but '3' components have been loaded!
But I think it doesnt't relate to my problem. It kind of behaves as if it had a parking brake activated.
My wheels configuration is the same as another tipper which is similar to it, I checked everything but can't find a solution.

Please help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.09.2019 00:43
The handling of components has changed massively from FS 17 to 19.
Compare with default vehicles - i3d as well as xml.

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 02.09.2019 02:12
Thank you, I rewrote some things and now it works fine! :D

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