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Created02.09.2019 14:48

Jim Degen (deek5040) 02.09.2019 14:48
Looking for help on changing a mod I am trying to learn how to mod by changing mods i like to use. currently I have a mod that is a wood crusher and I want to add the ability to grind stumps . I am working on the ahwi700 I have looked at other mods that do what I want but can't seem to get it to work. in the modesc.xml I have added a stump grinder specialization and in the xml I have added lines for the stump grinder call but in game I see no errors but it will not grind the stumps

see code snippets below. I am trying to use the same node for the crusher for the stump grinder which may be a problem. Another thing is there any documentation on the aruguments for the various functions like stumpGrinder, woodCrusher, etc

<type name="MULCHER" parent="baseGroundTool" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="turnOnVehicle" />
<specialization name="stumpCutter" />
<specialization name="mower" />
<specialization name="woodCrusher" />
<specialization name="attacherJointControl" />

<stumpCutter cutNode="Wood1" cutSizeY="3" cutSizeZ="2.7" maxCutTime="750" maxResetCutTime="5" cutPartThreshold="0.05" cutFullTreeThreshold="0.05">
<effectNode effectClass="ParticleEffect" effectNode="wood5" particleType="CRUSHER_WOOD"/>
<effectNode effectClass="ParticleEffect" effectNode="wood6" particleType="CRUSHER_DUST"/>
<start template="STUMP_CUTTER_START" linkNode="0>" />
<idle template="STUMP_CUTTER_IDLE" linkNode="0>" />
<work template="STUMP_CUTTER_WORK" linkNode="0>" />
<stop template="STUMP_CUTTER_STOP" linkNode="0>" />

<i3dMapping id="wood1" node="0>0|10" />
<i3dMapping id="wood2" node="0>0|15" />
<i3dMapping id="wood3" node="0>0|11|0" />
<i3dMapping id="wood4" node="0>0|12|1" />
<i3dMapping id="wood5" node="0>0|13|0" />
<i3dMapping id="wood6" node="0>0|13|1" />
<i3dMapping id="wood7" node="0>0|0|0" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.09.2019 17:21
Using the same node for multiple functions is never a good idea. You lose the ability for individual fine tuning of each function in i3d. And very often the orientation (rotation) of the nodes is different. See for reference the default tools i3d and xml.

Second you must pay attention for the right order of specs since many specs have other specs as prerequisites.
Search here in forum for "vehicleTypes.xml" - it is posted a few times.

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