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Removing duplicate decals

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Created04.09.2019 01:50

Rudy Adobe (Unknown) 04.09.2019 01:50
Having issues figuring out how to remove decals from a New Holland T9 by KOTmods. The mod creator has decided to remove the stock exhaust and replace it instead with an upright Challenger one that doesn't have the decals. By default, engine configuration decals weren't even there, so I went and had a look and turned out that the creator had hidden them, I suspect for the same reason that he couldn't figure out how to remove the duplicate.

Here's the issue:

Issue in Giants Editor:

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.09.2019 06:04
Not possible inside GE. You had to use a 3D program (3dsMax, Maya, Blender).

Rudy Adobe (Unknown) 04.09.2019 08:57
Ah, unfortunate. Thanks for the quick reply anyway.

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