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Error: FoliageTransformGroup: type index 32 is invalid

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Created04.09.2019 02:45

Erika Mcdonald (erikacm) 04.09.2019 02:45

I am trying to add crop types to a map and have been able to add 6 without any issues but when I try to add a 7th I get this error. It is not a problem with the specific crop type as it does not matter what crop types I try to add. I suspect that there is something in the map itself.

Does anyone know how to addess this error so I can add more than 6 additional crops? Or is there somekind of hard limit on the number of foliage types that can be added to a map?

Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.09.2019 06:04
Primary you must increase the map's default <FoliageMultiLayer .. numChannels="10" numTypeIndexChannels="5" compressionChannels="5"
Each five index and compression channels means 2^5 = 32 variations, where one is reserved.
For doubling variations increase numTypeIndexChannels="6" and compressionChannels="6" and the sum numChannels="12".

That's the principle. However I don't know if a special mission.lua is required which sets additional variables.

There are some multifruit maps around with more than +6 fruits. Examine them.

Erika Mcdonald (erikacm) 05.09.2019 02:45
Hey Mr. Beutlin! Thanks for the advice. Turns out I only need to change the numTypeIndexChannels to 6. I successfully loaded an additional crop.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I will update if needed.


Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 06.12.2021 05:17
Sorry to post on this forever later but it's the only post in the entire forum where I saw the same identical error. I attempted to make the foliagemultilayer lines what you said Bilbo and the game just crashes in giants editor. I did make a png of the terrain detailheight just in case as well that had something to do with it and it will not work no matter what. Is there something I'm missing?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2021 06:24
You know, the above method is meant for FS19?
For FS22 may have changed something due to new features, requires perhaps additional changes in i3d.

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 08.12.2021 05:57
I do, I always stay a game behind. Get all the good mods right away and so many new things to do. I am still trying to figure this out. I saw your other post you helped on Bilbo, I have my map up to 127 Height types and I did the numTypeIndexChannels="6" and compressionChannels="6" and the sum numChannels="12". I then made a png of the fruit density gdm file and change it in my map.xml. But every time it load it in giants editor, I see no errors but notice my grass is removed. Then when I go into my game after saving and removing the png (also fixing my map.i3d back from png to gdm), I have no grass in well over half my map anymore. It won't grow back either. Any fixes for this? Any time I move my numchannels or my numTypeIndexChannels my grass is gone but my new crop works. If I keep them both their original value (10 and 5 respectively) I can even up the compression channel and nothing happens to my grass but my crop doesn't work because of index error 32.

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 08.12.2021 14:54
I also have check a few maps and they are all are different. The ricci hollow has numTypeIndexChannels="7" and compressionChannels="5" and the sum numChannels="14" even. Their modmap.lua isn't any different than the one for 63 height types, the chellington that is a true maize plus map, they do the 6 + 6 = 12 and a modded modmap.lua. The all the extra in the lua file though only pertains to the multi terrain angle not the foliage multi layer. I know though from ricci hollow that you can successfully put the full two pages of crops and all I want to do it add one more crop to get the 30 total. Which should be able to happen since 31 is the cut off but I'm now wondering if it has an extra space filled with deco.. The map is a simple map names hills of solvenia.

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