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Created05.09.2019 07:55

Christian (Scharphorn) 05.09.2019 07:55

I've been wondering about that increasing cost on property maintenance, and i get its to do with the <lifetime> tags in the mods.

But what i'm annoyed about is that the fact there is no way to repair the buildings at a cost like vehicles.

I'm not that good at LUA and the giants API, but i would love if someone maybe good make a mod or help make one, to repair the buildings.

I know the age in the items.xml file will fix the cost of that building, but how to read that part and change it without the game itself changing it again on save i can't figur that out.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.09.2019 10:38
Are you joking? For a property maintenance of ~4000 per day the costs increase around 5 per day. That's ridiculous and will surely not impoverish someone. ;)

Christian (Scharphorn) 14.09.2019 22:43
No i am not joking, i can't see any reason i making it not posible to repair buildings in a any game where buildings increase cost because og that.
If you think like its not an issue, i can't see why you need any repair options on vehicles also, that little extra cost shouldn't be a problem also, even when the vehicles are getting slower.

Was hoping for something useful at this forum, but thanks for the answer anyways. ;)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.09.2019 06:37
In real life, too, the maintenance costs of a property of a higher age rise, despite repairs.

If you dislike that in FS game, you can
- enhance the <lifetime> value significantly
- completely remove the <dailyUpkeep>
- add <incomePerHour..> to achieve a profit
- write a custom script, however the efford writing a script mod for such isn't worth the achieved improvement

For vehicles you need the repair, because work speed and efficiency decrease. There you have also a visible optical weathering.

Christian (Scharphorn) 15.09.2019 09:22
Many things are missing and not working right compared to real life, so not really useful comparison.

Well know that we got to the same point which was asked in the first post about custom script, and only got answers i already knew about, but not what i wanted, i'll go find help on another site.

Decay on buildings is not a bad idea, maybe i'll work on that on some of my own buildings.

Derek Squire (dezza069) 15.09.2019 22:48
Have always found forums useful when I'm after guidance and not expecting someone else to actually do it for me.

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