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Created06.09.2019 23:08

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 06.09.2019 23:08
Hello, I have converted a tractor which was successful without errors, but I can't adjust the character position and the character is bugged, like the hat, hair is at it's neck, and the fingers on the steering wheel are too long and bugged. Please help, it's really annoying.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.09.2019 04:06
Take a game default tractor as template and arrange the character in the same manner.
If the old model has own character, delete it.
You'll need five fixpoints (transforms): main (body), 2x feet, 2x hands (on steering wheel).
Heed espec. the right orientation (rotation) of the nodes. See defaults for reference.

This nodes you assign in vehicle.xml <enterable> <characterNode>

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 07.09.2019 14:57
Thank you for help!

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