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Created07.09.2019 22:13

Vikentiy Rud (Viken) 07.09.2019 22:13
Hello to all. I overlay the auto shader (vehicleShader.xml), select ColorMask and nothing happens. How to fix? (Giant Editor 8.1.0)

Dave Chuckry (CaptainD430) 08.09.2019 04:52
go into blender and move uvs 1 grid down or use the material tool for blender

Vikentiy Rud (Viken) 08.09.2019 22:47
Dave Chuckry (CaptainD430), can you tell me how to do this in 3Ds Max

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 08.09.2019 23:29
I don't use 3ds Max but I suppose it's similar to Maya.
In the UV Editor, you have to select the UVs of the object which you want to assign the material and move them by changing the coordinates (since there is not an 'FS19 UDIM tool') in the right location.
You can find a short pdf with the UV grid locations in the download section.

Vikentiy Rud (Viken) 09.09.2019 06:29
Lorenzo Sertori (lorenzoita),thank

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