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ai/worker doenst work on my mod

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Created08.09.2019 11:03

Bart Bouman (bram2003) 08.09.2019 11:03
i have a case puma mod and the ai/worker doesnt work. when i press H it says it is done immediately. does someone now where the erros lies. for example in the xml file? it does work on other mods and tractors.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.09.2019 15:11
Preconditioned the tractor has standard specs, including "aiVehicle":
If YOU can drive the tractor, the AI can also. It's more probably the attached tool which has problems.
Make a cross-test with default tractors and tools to determine the faulty mod.

Bart Bouman (bram2003) 08.09.2019 18:13
that doenst work. i tested. i used in game machines that work on other mods and in game tractors but it doenst work on the case puma mod

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.09.2019 20:05
You can
- compare the mod step-for-step with default tractors in xml and i3d
- ask the modder or in forum on website where you have downloaded the mod
- simply forget the thingy and use a mod which is really functional

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