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Created15.09.2019 21:17

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 15.09.2019 21:17
Hi all again. I wonder if someone can advise and I will thank you in Advance. I have been playing in a modded map. I get a circle around any vehicle I am in, on any field, with any fruit. Is this maybe a draw distance/view distance issue? its a very thick line in a circle that creates an arch shape across the field straight ahead of the vehicle. I don't get this on any other map as bad as this map I am using presently, so I am sure its not my game settings. Can this issue be rectified in GE or an XML file ?

Many thanks and very much appreciated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.09.2019 23:11
For clarifying please upload a screenshot, eg. to a free image hoster.

For the present compare the map.i3d with a default map in <TerrainTransformGroup name="terrain" and subsections, espec. pay attention to attributes relating to display like "view", "lod", "distance", etc.

Maybe also the map uses obsolete shaders. Check in <files> all filename="...shader.xml"

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 16.09.2019 01:00
Thanks Bilbo. There is an image of the issue via this link
meanwhile I will check the files you mentioned.

Many thanks again.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.09.2019 10:19
It's not a real error, but concurrence of different view settings in map and game. Some call it "circle of ugliness". *g*

If you don't find massive anomaly in this map (vs. a default one), perhaps try with these settings in your "game.xml":

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 16.09.2019 12:33
Thanks Bilbo I will investigate. Thanks for your time once again

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