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sellingStationVehicles triggers don`t work

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Created16.09.2019 01:44

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 16.09.2019 01:44
Hi everyone. I hope I can get som hyelp here. I have a little problem with the map I edit. Okay. The first thing. I run my own dedicated server on my server pc and working on the map for it. I downloaded a map called Greenwich valey. A great map. I start the game up and everything look nice and working. I went into GE and removed som trees and bushes and wanted the sellingStationVehicles icon on my farm. But I can`t find the selling icon or the trigger on the shop! in game it`s there but in GE it is not. Strange. The shop icon is there tho. My plan was to copy the icon and trigger into my farm but can`t find it in GE. I then imported a sellingStationVehicles triggers prefab to use instead. But i can`t get it to work. Can any help me please? This is getting on my nerv.

Best from WolfBoy

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.09.2019 10:21
Usually the vehicle sell trigger icon is in the sellingStationVehicles.i3d - look into "defaultItems.xml" to identify it, named mostly as "..sellingStationVehicles.xml".

The shop icon is placed by the map.xml <hotspot name="Shop" ..

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 16.09.2019 22:49
Ok, Thank you wherry much

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