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Shop triggers howto line them up

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Created17.09.2019 02:38

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 17.09.2019 02:38
Hi guys. Like the tiltle say, how do I line them up? in the editor I have moved the reset triggers down to my farm, they work fine but I can`t line them up where I want them. Start 1 is one the right side and the End 1 is on the left, this is the Green Valley map. But all the tractors end up on the right side, they don`t line up. And why is there 4 triggers? Start 1, End 1, Start 2, End 2.

Do the reset trigger also act as a shop trigger? I bought a tractor and that ended up on my farm. I reset my tractor from a hill side and that one also ended up on my farm (like I wanted to)

Thank you

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.09.2019 07:02
There are two types of spawn places:
- the store spawn places with user attribute (scriptCallback)onCreate:BaseMission.onCreateStoreSpawnPlace
- (optional) the 'reset' places with user attribute (scriptCallback)onCreate:BaseMission.onCreateLoadSpawnPlace

Pay attention to right orientation: the z-axis (blue arrow) determines the vehicle direction.

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