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Changing the fuel consumption rate

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Created18.09.2019 08:02

Olivier Beauchemin (obeauchemin) 18.09.2019 08:02
Hello guys! I'm pretty new here but I have some knowledge in programmation.
I search how to make a little mod (just a script) to make the fuel consumption 50% more fast.

I imagine this script can be pretty simple, anyone can give me some tips?

Thanks in advance!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.09.2019 14:40
Why a script mod?
You can adjust the fuel usage in game options or individually in vehicle.xml.

You think script mods are "pretty simple"? You should have very good knowledge and experience in LUA and FS scripting. At first you have to learn about.
And btw learn that it isn't called "programmation" but "programming" or "coding". *g*

If you really want to try:
You have to modify the function Motorized.updateConsumers (see Documentation -> LUADOC).

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