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Changing grass_windrow texture

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Created24.09.2019 05:03

James Hom (jge2013) 24.09.2019 05:03
I'm having trouble changing the grass_windrow texture in a mod map. (grass_diffuse and hay_diffuse)
I already have a couple added crops so I already have these files added-

I added grass_windrow and dryGrass_windrow to the "maps_densityMapHeightTypes" with my own paths to new textures but in-game keeps showing a windrow with original textures.
Next I even added grass and dryGrass to "maps_fruitTypes" and "maps_fillTypes" with no change.
Nothing in the log showing an error.
I have overridden the bale textures which the log shows:
2019-09-23 21:30 Overriding bale (GRASS_WINDROW_120_90_240) 'data/objects/squarebales/baleGrass240.i3d'
2019-09-23 21:30 Overriding bale (DRYGRASS_WINDROW_120_90_240) 'data/objects/squarebales/baleHay240.i3d'
2019-09-23 21:30 Overriding bale (GRASS_WINDROW_112_130) 'data/objects/roundbales/roundbaleGrass_w112_d130.i3d'
2019-09-23 21:30 Overriding bale (DRYGRASS_WINDROW_112_130) 'data/objects/roundbales/roundbaleHay_w112_d130.i3d'

Any ideas?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.09.2019 09:17
Did you also change your map.xml so it points to your <densityMapHeightTypes filename=".." /> ?
The path is relative to map root folder (where the modDesc.xml is located).

However this affects only 'heaps' - to change fillPlanes you must overwrite the default fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d.

James Hom (jge2013) 25.09.2019 05:53
Ahh yes, I did overlook the fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d.
I was thinking the densityMapHeightTypes took care of the windrow as well but I'm sure you are correct.

I do have the correct path to the densityMapHeightTypes.
I will add it to the fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d which I would think would take care of it like you mentioned.

Thanks again for your help!!

James Hom (jge2013) 30.09.2019 00:49
Still having troubles. It is not paying attention to my overridden fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d.
At first I had my mapDE.xml pointing to two fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d.
The default one (below) and my own. Which did not work.
<!-- <additionalFile filename="$data/fillPlanes/fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d" /> -->

So I made my own with all the default fillPlanes with grass texture changed and added my custom crops to that.
<additionalFile filename="addedCrops/fillPlanes/fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d" />
Which still doesn't work. Seems like it's ignoring my own fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d.
The grass_windrow texture is still the default one.
I am doing an alfalfa crop and converting it to grass_windrow with a mower conversion but I wouldn't think that would be anything related.
Any thoughts?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.09.2019 11:52
I'm still not sure where it doesn't work at yours, so a few things to begin. For complete texture replacement you need to change these files:

- change fillPlanes in "fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d"
Of course the default materialHolder must be replaced by custom one. That's relative simple, you need only copy the default and replace in i3d <Files> the texture files with yours.

- same procedure with the other materialHolders where the changed texture is referenced (like particles, effects).

- change/replace terrainDetailHeight in "maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml"
That's for the deposited material on ground like heaps, tip to ground, harvester straw tray, etc.

- case needed the <baleTypes>

So far to theory (I didn't change these myself yet *g*). However I know there are a few things where the FS19 ignores changes and always uses defaults instead. That's still not fully implemented.
But there should be maps around with replaced textures. In doubt DL and examine these maps.

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