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Giant editor problem with axle

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Created09.10.2019 09:45

Durand Jean Marc (hmmr58) 09.10.2019 09:45
Hello I have a problem with the axles in giant editor.
When I create in gaint my animation, in game the axles are not the same!


I want a translation on this door, i made the translation on axle Z


When the door is open the axle z =-7.5


My animatedObjects.xml whit the z axle


In game when i open the door!


Is not the good axle! i tried whith the other axle and its always this one who tranlate in Game Why?

Thanks very very much

Sorry for my English!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.10.2019 21:17
I'd guess the TG "door_2" has a rotation which affects all childs.
Normalize (=freeze) the rotation to 0,0,0.

Durand Jean Marc (hmmr58) 10.10.2019 09:31
Hello thanks for your answer!

I check my "door_2" but there is no rotation!


Durand Jean Marc (hmmr58) 11.10.2019 10:37
I find the problem!
It was the users atribute!

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