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Created10.10.2019 01:12

The Deekin (deekin) 10.10.2019 01:12
Hi all...

I am new to using the GE and have been slowly learning. I make minor changes to maps to suite my gaming style, however, I am having a problem with an issue of being unable to remove (delete) a building or silo.

The map I am speaking of is FS19 EstanciaLapacho. North of the main spawn point a jungle cage and a lime silo (buy lime). I managed to get rid of the cage, but can not delete the silo. It just does not show up in the GE anywhere. I did find out info about placing, write to an xml then deleting to place an active silo. I found the silo in one .xml, deleted the line but the silo remains in game.

So my question is - how do I delete it from game? (It does show in the "garage" either)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.10.2019 03:16
In FS19 many objects are placed by the defaultItems.xml. The filename may differ, the concrete name you see in modDesc.xml <map ... defaultItemsXMLFilename=...
Identify the object and change position or delete it. Be aware that changes affect only a new game. In a running game you must edit the savegame/items.xml.

The Deekin (deekin) 10.10.2019 09:41
Many THANKS Bilbo...
Found it instantly in the "savegame/items.xml" and deleting worked like a charm...

Kristoffer Toft Pedersen (kristoffertoft) 29.12.2019 08:49
Hey Bilbo.
i am having the same issues like deekin.
just another map, and in a running game. I removed the bunkersilo ther was in the map, on the farm for putting a new one in ther was placeable, and then it thought i was finished. But the old bunkersilo is stil there, or the triggers is, no walls but i can see Filllevel and compacting on the old spot.
i tried doing what you described, but then my cow husbandry disappear and a lot of other things in the map. it seems like im not able to find the right thing to delete in my savegame/items.xml.
sorry for my bad English

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.12.2019 12:48
You must compare the defaultItems(.xml) with your savegame/items(.xml).
Identify the objects by the same xml filename=...

That works at least for maps with standard methods. However there are some bad maps from 'wannabee' modders where the objects are half in the map.i3d and half in the items.xml. Best is you forget the map. If someone isn't able to use standard methods, many other errors are to be expected.

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