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Changing/editing wheels?

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Created22.10.2019 18:32

Joona Vähämiko (Jonttux) 22.10.2019 18:32
I need to ask help for this problem in here, cause I didnt find any useful guides out there.
My problem is: how I find and edit those wheel files for some mod etc.?
Im trying to change the tyres on one excavator and yes, it have the wheel files in the mod folder, but when im trying to take wheels from some another mod, they have no any files on the folder. So where I can find the wheel files?

I might sound stupid but its been a lot easier in earlier versions, cause the wheels are in the mod as showing when you open it up in G.E

Thanks for the help, if someone can make it clear for me.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.10.2019 03:00
No - in earlier versions it was much more difficult since all mods had to use own wheels. Now the wheels can be exchanged easily by simply changing the filenames (and perhaps properties).

Most vehicles use the game default wheels with filename="$data/shared/wheels/.."
If a mod has custom wheels, of course the wheel datas must be included in the mod folder and the filename points to files relative to mod root folder.

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