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Created22.10.2019 20:29

Sergey Pitkin (Unknown) 22.10.2019 20:29
Someone solved the problem of translating the names of points of sale on the map into other languages? In FS17, this was possible through the modDesc.xml map: <text name = "station_name"> <en> .. </ en> .. </ text>. If you change the object file for example - <sellingStation stationName = "name", then there is no possibility of translation into other languages.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.10.2019 03:13
In FS19 you must always prepend a "$l10n_" if a text comes from localization table, for example <sellingStation stationName="$l10n_station_bakery".

However the implementation of localization is still buggy/incomplete in certain xml files/types. In doubt one must try out.

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