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nav mesh limit?

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Created02.11.2019 11:09

John Bailey (Unknown) 02.11.2019 11:09
I am just wondering if there is a limit to the size of navmesh for animal areas?
I am trying to add two areas for cows with grazing, two quite large areas and the issue I am running into is that when I have the navmesh over the whole field the cows are totally static however when I shrink the navmesh by around half then the cows are static from a distance but move when I walk to them in the field however they walk in a strange way and seem to 'slide' around.
If I leave the navmesh the original size in the cowshed mod the cows seem to be as normal.
Is it not possible to increase the navmesh size this much? or is there some setting I am not changing?
many thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.11.2019 15:22
I think it has something to do with the range of sight. The cows begin to move if they are within a certain range. That is probably calculated by the distance to nav mesh area. If the nav mesh is too large, there are always places out-of-range.

John Bailey (Unknown) 03.11.2019 14:26
thank you for the reply

is there anything that can be done to the mod map to increase this distance? I have tried increasing the clipdistance but that does not seem to have made any difference

Derek Squire (dezza069) 05.11.2019 22:28
Is there any rotation applied to the main model and/or main transform group?

John Bailey (Unknown) 08.11.2019 20:37
yes i think there is, does that make any difference?
I guess it must do if you have asked, but I dont understand why

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