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Created12.11.2019 14:45

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 12.11.2019 14:45
Hi all. On recently playing modmap minibrunn, I noticed a great feature in the map that you can in game , paint down with the landscaping tool, bushes and also mixed flowers/foliage in addition to the all ready paintable grass that we had made available in an update.

Does anyone have any idea how to implement this into any modmap?

Thanks in advance.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.11.2019 18:06
You may download and examine the map. ;)
For terrain painting see the map.xml <groundTypeMappings> and <paintableFoliages>.

Tony Portnall (tjp14) 13.11.2019 15:16
thanks Bilbo :)

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