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ai'Workers no work on various fields...

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Created13.11.2019 00:04

Thomas A. (Unknown) 13.11.2019 00:04
I'm created a map, but the ai workers no work in the firts 9 fields, why is the reason? I would like fix it.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.11.2019 10:32
Here are no clairvoyants, so without any further infos nobody can say what's wrong.

Some most common failures:
- the field definitions are missing/wrong, check in GE with script "Toggle Render Field Areas".
- the farmland is not assigned properly or the workarea of the used tool touches non-owned area.
- the field has a status that disables certain operations.
- the field status can't be evaluated by AI helper (wrong mask for cultivation or foliage).
- a mod forbids field operation, eg. "Seasons".
- you don't have the money for helper wage.
- some collisions too near at field border, like trees, rocks, etc.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 14.11.2019 00:16
What info need? Only in 9 fields, the map have 21 and work fine in the rest.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 22.11.2019 15:44
Only in 9 fields, the map have 21 and work fine in the rest.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2019 16:18
*sigh* Do you really think, your poor description is useful to find a failure?

WHAT should the helper do? Which tool (exactly)? How is the field state? Any message from helper?
Did YOU try doing the work manually? Are there errors in game log?
Did you check the points I've written above?

Download from Giants ModHub the utility "Easy Development Controls" and set the field state manually, then try with helper.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 25.11.2019 10:41
*sigh* of course... I test with combine, cultivator and plow, but all workers by AI stop

Check field definitions
farmland is correct
The field is normal...
Is completly plane (wheat, barley,...)
No use Seasons, machinary of base game is used.
I have money.
Neither collisions...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.11.2019 13:18
And? What happens if YOU try to work on the field?
Did you try with "Easy Development Controls"? Set the field to a defined state and try again. Maybe your painted cultivator/foliage mask is faulty.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 25.11.2019 15:01
I already used "Easy Development Controls" for set crops and state. I can work without problems in the field, but the AI stops right away.

What do workers rely on to work a field?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.11.2019 15:30
Then the field definitions are probably faulty. Compare with defaults and edit or create them new from scratch.

And what about the helper message? Is there any response?
Did you check the game log? Any errors/warnings?
Did you try with a clean modfolder (with the map only)?

It's not very helpful if one has to get all the info out of your nose.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 25.11.2019 21:43
The field definitions are the same in FS17, all correct in Toggle Render Field Areas, in farmlands,... That is why my question, what references do workers have?

My nose can only leave boogers

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.11.2019 09:04
You have taken the FS17 field definitions without changes? Did you ever compare the definitions FS17 vs. FS19?
New in FS19 is eg. the user attribute 'fieldDimensionIndex'. This is probably the reason why the helper can't identify the field.

There should be errors in log, at least warnings. But you still didn't answer the question about log.
Given your lack of cooperation, my support is now over.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 27.11.2019 11:44
The Use Attribute are correct, only exported corners and map indicator.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2019 14:23
Your "cooperation is full" ?? Let me laugh - LOL
We could have saved a lot of time if you'd mentioned the map right away.
I tested the map myself and also found these bugs. But I didn't follow that up because I wasn't particularly interested in the map.
I'd guess the 'fieldDimensions' are created helper-unfriendly.

In general forum are topics about the map already. If not existing yet, feel free to report the bugs in ModHub bug forum.

Thomas A. (Unknown) 27.11.2019 17:57
You wasn't particularly interested in the map..... well... I thought that this forum is for help to fix bugs in modding, don't answer more in this thread please, it hasn't helped anything at any time, you haven't told me anything I've tried before.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2019 19:16
Yes - this forum is for help. But one can't help if the only info is "doesn't work - help me".
So forget it - with your method asking for help you will never be successful.
For support a certain mass of information and cooperation is required.
Read back the topic what you have contributed. All infos which were necessary or useful you hold off and I had to request piecewise. And some questions you didn't answer at all.
You say you have tried all the suggestions I made. Really a good idea to mention this at the end. In an earlier post (which you have edited meanwhile) you presumed being experienced. No way! An experienced user knows which infos are valuable.

Back to topic:
Did you ever notice the many complaints about helper stops work or doesn't begin without visible reason? Despite several improvements the helper AI is still insufficient/buggy and doesn't recognize what a 4yr old child would see.
The AI code isn't documented in detail, but there are some hints in the AIVehicleUtil that the main reason to refuse work is a too narrow farmland border, espec. near field edges.

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