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Created17.11.2019 09:55

Juande Gamer82 (Juande) 17.11.2019 09:55
Hello, I have not been on this much and I am creating a map, I have tried cutting grass and there are parts where it cuts grass and does not appear, but then suddenly a lot of grass appears.
How can I solve that?
Thanks in advance.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.11.2019 11:16
What you describe looks like a behaviour of the "Seasons" mod.

If you're testing a map, take out ALL mods (except the map) and work with default vehicles only.
Pay attention to the logs of game (and in case editor). For error analysis post the complete log(s).

Juande Gamer82 (Juande) 18.11.2019 06:39
Hello Bilbo, I am not using seasons nor is it added to the map, I think the bug is in tipColInfoLayer, I have verified it and everything is fine, there are no errors in the registry.I can not understand where the error is.This is an image of the There is an error. Greetings!7bxBzAIb!IQRl94n8xsMDmRbaTuCunv_1rBqXjiQU7y_08e6IwZI

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.11.2019 10:49
I can't get the picture, so I can't imagine how it looks.
But yes, the problem might be caused by collisions.
For tipCol check in GE "info layer paint mode" -> tipCol. Where tipping is disabled, the terrain is displayed in white.
Also be sure to have proper collision maps: GE menu Scripts -> FS19 -> Map -> Create Ground Collision Map. This will generate new colMap and plcMap.

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