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Created17.11.2019 13:28

Fred Nuus (fnuus) 17.11.2019 13:28

I would like to change a mod that is in fs19. this is the silverstar animal trailer.
Here I want to put all 3 species at 31.
if I have adjusted this in his xml and have zipped I do not see him in the mod list. I think I'm either doing something wrong or I'm forgetting something.

Can anyone advise me on this?
Thanks in advance for the responses

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.11.2019 14:51
1. Wrong method? Did you simply edit the default xml? That's wrong and you'll have errors in the log.
2. Don't touch the default datas in installation folder. Create a mod of the item with Giants editor "new mod from game".
3. The animal trailers need also editing the i3d. Each animal must have a placeholder in its animal group.

Fred Nuus (fnuus) 17.11.2019 15:07
I created a mod from the game via the editor.
But if I zipped it, without changes, I would not see it either

Fred Nuus (fnuus) 17.11.2019 15:15

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.11.2019 15:15
Did you look into the game log? Obviously not, else you would have seen what's wrong.
Also "new mod from game" needs some overwork. The "modDesc.xml" is incomplete and the mod needs icons.
And I already said above: the animal trailers need also editing the i3d (beneath the xml).

Fred Nuus (fnuus) 17.11.2019 15:17
ok, i w'll look

Fred Nuus (fnuus) 17.11.2019 15:29
this one i see Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod Agri_Silverstar

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.11.2019 15:41
*sigh* Your first try?
Take a working mod as template and compare what's missing in your "modDesc.xml".
Beneath I'd recommand urgently, you learn a little bit the basics about FS modding - there are many tutorials in web, also here on GDN.

btw: this forum is meant for advanced users. Better use the general forum for beginner questions.

Fred Nuus (fnuus) 17.11.2019 15:43

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