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actionBinding a default action, possible???

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Created19.11.2019 18:52

Jens Ejvinsson (Unknown) 19.11.2019 18:52
my mod (the Väderstad Rapid A600-800S) is released on Giants Modhub. But it has a mod conflict wtih wopsters Cultivator Field Creator mod. Reason for this is that I use the Cultivator specialization in my seeder.
The conflict is for key Y (action IMPLEMENT_EXTRA3) which is used by both mods (change seed in my seeder, and change Allow Create Fields in the Cultivator Field Creator mod.

So my question:
Can I change the key binding for IMPLEMENT_EXTRA3 in my mod only, so that my mod uses key O (pipe out) for example to change seed and the Cultivator Field Creator mod still use Y for IMPLEMENT_EXTRA3.

Possible or not?

Tried this, did not work.

<actionBinding action="IMPLEMENT_EXTRA3" posText="Change seed" negText="Change seed">
<binding device="KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT" input="KEY_o" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.11.2019 20:47
The spec 'SowingMachine' allows assigning of a variant inputAction instead the default IMPLEMENT_EXTRA3.
<sowingMachine ..>

See for reference LUADOCs 'sowingMachine.lua' line 134

Jens Ejvinsson (Unknown) 19.11.2019 21:30
That works.
Fantastic, many many thanks.

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