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camera left or right not working

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Created23.11.2019 18:08

Rick Rossman (limoman39) 23.11.2019 18:08
Hello everyone, I've been away for a while. I am having trouble with being able to look right or left using my Saitek control panel. The only way it works correctly is if I right click with my mouse to turn the curser off on the screen. I don't remember it working this way before, if I right click again to select something in courseplay or autodrive the left/right function goes away again until I right click and hide the curser. Is this caused by a mod or possibly one of the updates?? Is there a fix known???
I have the latest updates.



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.11.2019 18:26
AFAIK the side panel has a mode switch which toggles view mode - action mode. Did you try this?
Else it might be that a mod has overwritten key assignments or something is allocated multiple. Examine your "inputBinding.xml".

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