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Created26.11.2019 05:00

Kody Daum (kodydaum) 26.11.2019 05:00
OK i need some input i got a custom horse area made for my map everything works except when i ride the horse and go back in the pen and get off they don't go anywhere i can get back on and ill ride them to different spots of the husbandry and get off but they don't resume their horse activity's what am i missing? if i try to load them in trailer after riding is says horse still in use?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.11.2019 08:45
Compare your horse area carefully with a default.
I'd guess there's something wrong with the 'rideableDelivery...' nodes.

Kody Daum (kodydaum) 26.11.2019 13:30
thank you for the help Bilbo there was a number off in the xml got it working!

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