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Created26.11.2019 17:06

Berke Serdaro─člu (blauea) 26.11.2019 17:06
Hello community, I've got a certification report from Giants and says "<mismatchedTexture format="DXT5" material="MF8737Board_mat"></mismatchedTexture>" and when i asked them what does it mean, the told me "For this texture is the alphaBlending in the material missing". I actually did not understand what to do. How can i add alphaBlending to material?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.11.2019 17:21
Your first try?
Did you ever use the GE Window -> Material Editing?
There's a little checkbox "Alpha Blending".

Berke Serdaro─člu (blauea) 26.11.2019 17:25

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