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Selling vehicles on shop and selling point

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Created02.12.2019 11:22

Sinis Orosis (Unknown) 02.12.2019 11:22
i'm doing a new map, from a empty map maked ready for it, but the problem is following the tutorial video the selling vehicles trigger won't work in any way, the same if i put a sell trigger.
thanks for you attention

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.12.2019 16:42
For beginners the safest way is exporting the complete shop triggers from a default map and importing into the modmap.

If you want to create your own, compare carefully with defaults, heed espec. the triggers' collision masks and user attributes.

Sinis Orosis (Unknown) 02.12.2019 18:16
thanks for the suggestion, and haw about codes in the items ? if i import only the prefabs or the structures, it will work ?

Sinis Orosis (Unknown) 02.12.2019 18:21

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