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Created04.12.2019 20:18

Doug Fec (MrSneebly) 04.12.2019 20:18
Hello, I am building a map and I got all of the track placed and the spline placed too and when I brought the train in, it follows my spline exactly like I want but the wheels aren't facing the way they should. They're almost completely perpendicular to the rails. Neither of the two logs show any errors. Any idea where and what I need to change? when I copied the trainSystem.xml from the base game files and pasted it in my mod map all I changed was the directories to tell the trainSystem to use my map instead of the base game. I never changed any locations or rotations of anything. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Ok, thanks to a youtuber I think I know where I messed up. In case anyone has the same issue as what I described, the problem was that I actually did fiddle with rotation at the very start of laying the spline. When you insert a new spline it has the E and S joined together with a little white line. That's what I rotated to get it lining up with the track before I went on putting new spline points in. I was told to not touch any rotation of the spline itself and instead just move the points of the spline to where you need them to be.

Hope this helps someone.

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