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Hydraulic and electric hoses.

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Created05.12.2019 20:11

Jorge Martinez (tarasbulba) 05.12.2019 20:11
Hi. I need hydraulic and electric hoses to put in cultivators and other implements, but I don't know if they come by default in the files of the game or I have to do them with Giants or Maya. Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2019 17:56
Examine the default vehicles (xml and i3d). The vehicle xml's have a section <connectionHoses>. Tractors have <toolConnectorHose ..>, the trailers/tools <hose ..>. These refer to nodes in the i3d. The hoses and connectors are predefined in $data/shared/connectionHoses/..

Jorge Martinez (tarasbulba) 07.12.2019 15:33
thanks for the reply. I will try to see if I get it.

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