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Add a skip point for connector hose

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Created09.12.2019 07:18

Jefferson Larue (silver) 09.12.2019 07:18

Trying to implement a skip point on a trailed lifter for my kuhn 3m seeder but it doesn't work. Did the same on a subsoiler and it works perfectly.

Any clue (log doesn't show anything) ?

Jefferson Larue (silver) 09.12.2019 11:56
Ok so I got it

If you want to add a skip point to an ipleement (whatever it is), you need to insure that the imputAttacherJoint type is "implement" and change your mod in accordance.

For example, my mod was a trailed lifter and its imputAttachejoint type was "trailer low" so I had to change it into "emplement" type, which required that I inserted a new attacher (used that of the Kverneland BE6 plow) and make the corresponding changes in the i3d file and the xml.

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