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boughtWithFarmland issue

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Created09.12.2019 23:36

Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 09.12.2019 23:36

I'm trying to use the boughtWithFarmland feature to make a grain silo complex buyable, like the bga is on Felsbrunn.
So I have the boughtWithFarmland value set to true in the silo's xml file, in the items.xml file for the map, I have it setup almost like the bga.
As a mapBoundID with no farmID set.

But when I load a new game, the farmID is set to 0, and eveyone can technically use it.

I've spent 2 hours trying loads of different things, nothing seems to work.
How do I make it so it's not usable (farmID >8), but switches to the famId of whoever buys it?

And do I need to set what farmLandID it's placed on? I couldn't find that anywhere for the bga.


Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 09.12.2019 23:54
I actually solved it myself, found a german thread about the issue, and with a bit of translating and testing, the boughtWithFarmland has to be in the placeable section of the silo xml, not storeData like the bga is.

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