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Created14.12.2019 23:46

Berke Serdaro─člu (blauea) 14.12.2019 23:46
Hello community. I'm working o a mod from FS17 to FS19. Everything's fine but i'm stuck on specular map. Is there any program which can convert FS17 specular into FS19 specular? Or do You guys have any idea how to convert it?

Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 18.12.2019 13:36
It's roughly the same, blue and green layers are still dirt and AO respectively, red is no longer shineness though, it's wear. So I'd leave the red layer black, unless you want to paint some wear manually.

Berke Serdaro─člu (blauea) 18.12.2019 23:14
Thanks, i'll try it :)

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 04.01.2020 02:41
Splitting the dds in to rgb channels can be done with gimp version 2.8.22
I specify that version because I couldn't get it to work in a new or older version. (I credit ShyWizard for sharing this info with me, I was using a paid program called paint shop pro) Of course you will need a dds plugin.
You load the spec dds then go to
by default color model should be RGB, and decompose to layers should be checked.
Once you hit ok you should get a red, green, and blue layer. Like Kevin stated if you make the red channel completely black you will have no wear.
Once you edit your layers you go to
from there you can choose different layers if you have changed or edited the layers or their names. Then you export as dds dtx1 with mipmap.

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