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Created18.12.2019 15:28

Jacquinot Bertrand (MavericKJacK) 18.12.2019 15:28
It's possible to input more that 1 module type "food" in the same husbandry?
If i input more that 1 module food in game it is only the last that it is fonctionnal....


Jean-paul Marchetti (jmar2252) 18.12.2019 16:09
not sure i understand correctly, but i managed to add maize to chicken food. but not as a separate food. not sure it answers the question

Jacquinot Bertrand (MavericKJacK) 18.12.2019 17:58
Yes I can add a fruit for animals but I try to add in a separate trought. This doesn't work.

If I have one more trought in an husbandry. Only the last module register in the husbandry XML work in game.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.12.2019 20:39
You cannot add another tag <module> with the same name, it's simply ignored by the XML parser.
But it should work if you add to the module another <config .. definition.

Jacquinot Bertrand (MavericKJacK) 20.12.2019 17:29
Ok, I'm going to try this.....

Jacquinot Bertrand (MavericKJacK) 23.12.2019 22:19
I try but it doesn't work...
I have you got another solution?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.12.2019 01:59
I've just read in the LUAs, see LUADOCs script -> animals -> HusbandryModule...
Indeed there's merely one module config loaded.
It might be possible to add more by a custom script, but I think the game engine won't support it.
In other words: forget it.

Jacquinot Bertrand (MavericKJacK) 24.12.2019 10:41
Oh ok, It's so badddddddd
Thank's for your reply

Eric Ferrer (erison) 10.02.2020 15:46
Hi, I would want to know how to modify the food that the animals can take, some of you have said that you managed to do this, so if you can explain it to me I would be grateful. Thanks.

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