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MotionPath_secondUV for crawler

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Created02.01.2020 21:56

Fred Zanella (fredzaza2) 02.01.2020 21:56
Hi ,
Anyone have a tutorial for this one? it is a maya MotionPath ( animation with spline ) or other ?
And for secondUV ? Do i duplicate the UVmap ?
thanks to those who will help

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 04.01.2020 01:03
Actually you want mesh rotate. I’m not in front of my pc to give you more detail. Can’t remember if it’s available as a stand alone shader or if you have to use it as a vehicleShader (I know it’s available in vehicle shader)variable. I found it by searching through the track xml files. When I get home I’ll try to share the exact file I studied. You play with the shader parameters in ge to make the track wrap. You basically have to play around a bit. You basically have to lay the model out long enough to allow for the wrap. So just over 2x as long. Also be sure to place your origin at the end and drop it a bit to allow for a radius. The radius is set in the parameter of the shader as well. So short answer it’s not all done in maya or blender the animation is done with the shader.

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 04.01.2020 01:09
Also when looking at tracks. Some use uv scroll. Mesh rotate is much better in my opinion, just depends on the detail you want. Uv scroll is better for flatter planes like belts but a bit of a pain meshing, mesh rotate lets you give depth to your model.

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 04.01.2020 02:30
Ok at my pc. Look at
and the
The rubber is using the vehicleShader.xml with meshScroll_colorMask variation.
When you scroll down to the parameters in the shader (in ge) you will see
The first and second inputs when changed will affect how the mesh is displayed, obviously it sets your length and radius.
When you look at the origin of the rubber you will see what I meant above about how it needs to be set. You want it at the far end of your mesh and in the center of your radius.
I've made a couple of conveyors using this shader, very cool.

Fred Zanella (fredzaza2) 04.01.2020 12:49
thanks for your help , but the mesh scroll don't work with this type of crawler

a modder say to me , i must make the motion path with " houdini " i will search somthing about it .

But thanks for your explication , I can use this for an other project

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 04.01.2020 14:11
Ok, yeah the top roller adds a kink in the process.

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