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Created11.01.2020 01:08

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 11.01.2020 01:08

I have a question. In fact, I have on my modmap vehicles can be loaded via the "defaultVehicles.xml";.
You can't get into them either, but that's the idea. So they're just decoration.
Then I included the vehicles in the modmap and set Enterable isTabbable to false. You won't see this vehicle on your PDA.

However, this is not possible with devices. Or is there another code for the XML? For the vehicles it is: "<enterable isTabbable="false" >"

I would be very happy to receive an answer.

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ich hätte da mal eine Frage.Und zwar habe ich auf meiner Modmap Fahrzeuge über die "defaultVehicles.xml" geladen werden.
In diese kann man auch nicht einsteigen, aber das ist so gewollt. Sie sind also nur Deko.
Dannach habe ich die Fahrzeuge in der Modmap mit eingebunden und Enterable isTabbable auf false gesetzt.
Mann sieht dieses Fahrzeuge dann auch nicht mehr auf der PDA.

Allerdings geht es bei Geräten nicht. Oder gibt es da einen anderen Code für die XML?
Bei den Fahrzeugen ist es ja: "<enterable isTabbable="false" >"

Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.01.2020 04:45
AFAIK you can only change the type of map hotspot, eg.

<mapHotspot type=".." />

where type can be Tool, Trailer, Combine or Steerable.

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 11.01.2020 14:50
I know this so I can adjust the ingame so that it is not visible.
I just want to hide the devices such as a shovel.
For vehicles such as tractors or combine harvesters, you simply change this path in the vehicle to :"<enterable isTabbable="false" >"

I want to set XML in the vehicle so that the shovel is not visible on the PDA.
Or can you perhaps set something in the "defaultVehicles.xml" ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.01.2020 23:06
The tag "<enterable isTabbable=.." is meant for vehicles like eg. locomotives, cranes.

Perhaps try in "defaultVehicles.xml"
<vehicle ... farmId="1" propertyState="1" defaultFarmProperty="false" />

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 11.01.2020 23:13
It's all right for vehicles.
However, this does not apply to attachments such as the fertiliser spreader or shovel.

You got any other ideas?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.01.2020 23:24
You have to decide:
- either a functional vehicle/tool - what includes the game default functionality.
- or a pure decorative object - then use a dynamic object instead vehicle (like eg. pallets or similar).

All other is only possible by custom script.

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 11.01.2020 23:28
It's supposed to be purely decorative.
However, I let them load from the main game.
Saves memory in the map Shape.

I just don't want to see these objects on the PDA.

And I don't know anything about scripts.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.01.2020 04:50
If it's supposed to be a static object, why not including in the map?
For performance and memory consumption it doesn't matter if loading sooner or later.

Else take a default dynamic object as template. Beneath the i3d you need only a simple xml.
See examples in $data/objects/..

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