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Created14.01.2020 00:00

John Bailey (Unknown) 14.01.2020 00:00
Is there a way to reorder the sell types in the Prices tab?
I have added custom fruit types but they are at the end of the list and I want them in the middles.
I have attempted to change the order in the maps_fillTypes.xml and in the maps_fruitTypes.xml but this hasnt changed anything and Im out of ideas


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.01.2020 00:27
Then you did something wrong.
If you copy the content of default xyzTypes.xml, re-arrange the tags and and insert your new types, all should be in the desired order.
(confirmed by own mods)

John Bailey (Unknown) 14.01.2020 00:49
Im not sure what I am doing wrong, this is the top of my fillTypes


<fillType name="CARROT" title="Carrot" showOnPriceTable="true" pricePerLiter="0.222" >
<image hud="maps/newFruits/hud/hud_fill_carrot.png" hudSmall="maps/newFruits/hud/hud_fill_carrot_sml.png" />
<physics massPerLiter="0.65" maxPhysicalSurfaceAngle="34" />

<fillType name="WHEAT" title="$l10n_fillType_wheat" showOnPriceTable="true" pricePerLiter="0.337" >
<image hud="maps/newFruits/hud/hud_fill_wheat.png" hudSmall="maps/newFruits/hud/hud_fill_wheat_sml.png" />
<physics massPerLiter="0.78" maxPhysicalSurfaceAngle="15" />
<pallet filename="$data/objects/pallets/fillablePallet/fillablePallet.xml" />

but wheat is still first on the list.
any ideas?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.01.2020 11:10
You must also re-arrange the fruitTypes accordingly. These have a higher pri, followed by fillTypes.

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