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Created14.01.2020 21:52

Dorian Dg (Unknown) 14.01.2020 21:52
Hello, I have a question because I know how to set start machines (for start for the player) but my question is whether it is possible to set machines from "mod"? not original ? if so, how because I have already tried everything

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.01.2020 23:10
If the mods are included in the map files, there's no problem.
The mods must be declared in the modDesc shopItems, then you can use them.
The defaultVehicles/Items then must have the entries like

It is possible, but NOT recommanded to use also external mods:
since nobody can guarantee whether the mod is in fact present and has the exact name (unchanged).

Dorian Dg (Unknown) 14.01.2020 23:31
You are great, thank you very much

Dorian Dg (Unknown) 15.01.2020 13:56
Hello, I repeat my post because the above advice does not work for me, I mean that I downloaded the mod from the Internet (tractor) and I would like it to be on my map to start, so this is not the original mod, I uploaded it to the mod, then I did save, I copied the vehicles line to my map to the vehicles file I tried to change the destination path because I uploaded the mod to my map so that the map read the mod directly from my folder and not from the main mod unfortunately this way it does not work for me I have already tried moddir mapdir to no avail I do not want to change the save location nor play mod files because I would like to share the map and no one will change the path in advance greetings and I apologize for any mistakes if someone can write me more or less how to copy original mods and start them directly from my map I will be grateful

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.01.2020 12:21
Install the mod, start a dummy/test game, buy the mod, save the game.
Then you copy from savegame/vehicles.xml the filename of this mod into your defaultVehicles.xml.

Dorian Dg (Unknown) 16.01.2020 13:16
I started the game, not the original tractor mod saved it. The vehicles.xml file I copied to my map to the vehicles.xml file everything is ok until I change the location of this mod ( from the mod main directory to my map the location of the mod can obviously not be in my mod folder because other players who will they played on my map it is known they will not have this module. I have already tried to translate a given file, e.g., to my map. Either I mistakenly paste the file into my map or give the wrong path and because of this my map does not see it in the game?

below gives only a fragment of my vehicles.xml

<vehicle id = "1" modName = "fs19_ursusc360_red" filename = "$ moddir $ Name Maps / fs19_ursusc360_red / ursusc355.xml" isAbsolute = "true" age = "0.000000" price = "12000.000000" farmId = "1" propertyState = "1 "operatingTime =" 47.343800 ">
<component1 position = "99.0100 200.0490 17.3110" rotation = "0.1524 1.0590 0.3861" />
<component2 position = "99.0226 200.6682 18.2178" rotation = "0.1301 1.0620 -0.8212" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.01.2020 15:30
You have copied the .zip into your map? *sigh*
Begin to think - the mod MUST be UNPACKED when copying into your map folder.
Also special entries from the mod's modDesc must be transferred into the map's modDesc.
AFTERWARDS you can zip the complete map including the mod files.

If you want the mod in your defaultVehicles DON'T use the complete entry from savegame/vehicles. This may lead to crash. Look into a default file to see what's necessary.

Unknown 08.01.2021 13:17
jon deere

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